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Developer tools

Learn about some of the most recent and popular tools developed by Microsoft Research scientists and engineers.


A debugger watch window for C++ image processing developers

ImageWatch is a new Visual Studio 2012 plug-in for debugging C++ image processing applications, such as photo editors or augmented reality apps. The plug-in introduces a new watch window that displays in-memory bitmaps during debugging, which means you no longer have to litter your code with "save-this-image-to-a-file" statements when tracking down bugs.


Neural Networks for Software Developers

Demo programs and code samples 

Although neural networks have been investigated for decades, source code examples are lacking -- often incomplete, misleading, or just plain wrong. This project aims to bridge that gap by providing a series of high quality demo programs and code examples.



F# is ideal for data-rich, concurrent, and algorithmic development
F# is a simple and pragmatic programming language combining functional, object-oriented, and scripting programming, and supports cross-platform environments including PC, Mac, and Linux.



Create apps on your phone, tablet, or laptop

TouchDevelop makes your mobile device a cloud-connected, touch-friendly app creation environment. Works on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux devices.


Pex for Fun

Web-based programming
Pex for fun brings programming in C#, Visual Basic, and F# to your web browser. Try your hand at writing the code to solve the puzzle and then have Pex for Fun compile, run, and analyze your code. You can also practice your coding skills by playing coding duels, in which users compete to discover a secret puzzle implementation.