Microsoft.Hawaii NamespaceMicrosoft Research Project Hawaii SDK 2.1
The Microsoft.Hawaii provides common functionality for the client libraries classes that communicate over REST to Hawaii services.

Public classAdmAccessToken
The adm access token.
Public classAdmAuthClientIdentity
The adm authentication client identity.
Public classAdmTokenService
The adm token service.
Public classAdmTokenServiceRequestState
The request state for Adm token service.
Public classClientIdentity
ClientIdentity represents a client identity for the purposes of communicating with the server.
Public classClientLibraryUtils
A class to store utility functions used by the client libraries.
Public classServiceAgent T 
A base class for all Hawaii service agent classes. These agents are wrapping the communication tasks specific to each service. ServiceAgent provides functionality common to all these clases.
Public classServiceResult
A base class for all Hawaii service result classes. Various Hawaii service result classes will represent the result corresponding to different type of Hawaii service calls. This class contains functionality common to all Hawaii service result classes.

Public delegateClientIdentity RetriveAccessTokenComplete
The delegate of RetriveAccessTokenEvent event.
Public delegateServiceAgent T  OnCompleteDelegate
OnCompleteDelegate delegate type definition.

Public enumerationStatus
Describes the status of a Hawaii service call.