SetResult PropertiesMicrosoft Research Project Hawaii SDK 2.1
The SetResult type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAvailableByteCount
Gets or sets a number of bytes available to the current application
Public propertyException
Gets or sets the error exception.
(Inherited from ServiceResult.)
Public propertyRequestId
Gets or sets the Service-generated RequestId. Used for debugging
(Inherited from ServiceResult.)
Public propertyServerExceptionStack
Gets or sets the Service-side exceptions. Used for debugging
(Inherited from ServiceResult.)
Public propertyStateObject
Gets or sets a user-defined object.
(Inherited from ServiceResult.)
Public propertyStatus
Gets or sets the status of the service call.
(Inherited from ServiceResult.)
Public propertyTotalKeyValuePairCount
Gets or sets the current count of key-value pair for a partition
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