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Mobile Photography - Capture, Process, and View

Neel Joshi, Sing Bing Kang, and Michael Cohen


The mobile phone is becoming the most popular consumer camera. While the benefits are quite clear, the mobile scenario presents several challenges. It is not always easy to capture good photos. Image-processing tools can improve photos after capture, but there are few tools tailored to on-phone image manipulation. We present phone-based image enhancement tools that are tightly integrated with cloud services. Heavy computation is off-loaded to the cloud, which enables faster results without impacting the phone�s performance. Our demos run on Windows Phone 7 and connect to services running on Windows Azure.

We demonstrate the following technologies:

Deblurring, denoising, and color correction

Image blur is difficult to avoid in many situations and can often ruin a photograph. Deblurring an image is an inherently ill-posed problem. Our work in this area has resulted in methods to create sharper, higher-quality images from a blurry input images. Here we show how to use our framework to enhance images on a smart phone.



Panorama Stitching

Traditionally panoramas are assembled from photos on a desktop PC using an application such as ICE. Using our framework, we can easily expose this techonology so it can be used from a smart phone.


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