4th Workshop on Cross Lingual Information Access


Saturday, August 28, 2010

8:35–8:45Opening Remarks by Sudeshna Sarkar, Min Zhang, Adam Lopez and Raghavendra Udupa
8:45–9:40Invited Talk 1:
 Word Sense Disambiguation and IR
Pushpak Bhattacharyya
9:40–10:05Filtering news for epidemic surveillance: towards processing more languages with fewer resources
Gael Lejeune, Antoine Doucet, Roman Yangarber and Nadine Lucas
10:05–10:30How to Get the Same News from Different Language News Papers
T Pattabhi R K Rao and Sobha Lalitha Devi
10:30–11:00Morning Break
11:00–11:55Invited Talk 2:
 Multilinguality at NTCIR, and moving on ...
Tetsuya Sakai
11:55–12:20The Noisier the Better: Identifying Multilingual Word Translations Using a Single Monolingual Corpus
Reinhard Rapp and Michael Zock
13:50–14:15Multi-Word Expression-Sensitive Word Alignment
Tsuyoshi Okita, Alfredo Maldonado Guerra, Yvette Graham and Andy Way
14:15–14:40Co-occurrence Graph Based Iterative Bilingual Lexicon Extraction From Comparable Corpora
Diptesh Chatterjee, Sudeshna Sarkar and Arpit Mishra
14:40–15:05A Voting Mechanism for Named Entity Translation in English–Chinese Question Answering
Ling-Xiang Tang, Shlomo Geva, Andrew Trotman and Yue Xu
15:05–15:30Ontology driven content extraction using interlingual annotation of texts in the OMNIA project
Achille Falaise, David Rouquet, Didier Schwab, Hervé Blanchon and Christian Boitet
15:30–16:00Afternoon Break
16:00–16:25Towards multi-lingual summarization: A comparative analysis of sentence extraction methods on English and Hebrew corpora
Marina Litvak, Mark Last, Slava Kisilevich, Daniel Keim, Hagay Lipman and Assaf Ben Gur
16:25–16:50More Languages, More MAP?: A Study of Multiple Assisting Languages in Multilingual PRF
Vishal Vachhani, Manoj Chinnakotla, Mitesh Khapra and Pushpak Bhattacharyya
16:50–17:15Multilinguization and Personalization of NL-based Systems
Najeh Hajlaoui and Christian Boitet