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Learn how more than 1,000 Microsoft researchers and engineers collaborate worldwide to improve the way we all work and live.

Machine learning software development made easier

Project Oxford technologies bring machine learning API capabilities to app development

Oxford brings machine learning API capabilities to app developmentA set of technologies dubbed Project Oxford allow developers to create smarter apps that can do things like facial recognition and interpret natural language even if the developers are not experts in those fields. 
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Featured research projects

Virtual collaboration among CHI 2015 highlights

Virtual collaboration among CHI 2015 highlights
Learn more about what some 70 Microsoft researchers presented at ACM CHI 2015, the premiere conference on human-computer interaction.
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Handpose technology can track detailed hand motion

Researchers at Microsoft have developed Handpose, a system that can track – in real time – all the sophisticated and nuanced hand motions that people make everyday.
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Eye Gaze Keyboard
To enable people who are unable to speak or use a physical keyboard to communicate
using only their eyes.

Learning Theory
Motivated by machine learning, our goals are to mathematically understand the effectiveness of existing learning algorithms and to design new ones.

Neural Networks for Software Developers
To bridge the gap between neural network research and software development communities.