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Research at Microsoft

We have contributed to nearly every product Microsoft has shipped, including Kinect for Xbox, Cortana, cool free photography apps like Hyperlapse, and other programs that help secure your data in the cloud. We have world-renowned scientists at the forefront of machine learning, computer vision, speech, and artificial intelligence. Our external collaborations include efforts to prevent disease outbreaks and solve problems facing large cities such as traffic and pollution.

Explore and discover what our more than 1,000 researchers and engineers in labs around the world have been up to lately.

Machine learning

Collaborating to speed up clinical trials for multiple sclerosis and perhaps similar diseases

Research collaboration with Novartis results in Assess MS, breaking new ground in machine learning and helping people who have multiple sclerosis get treatment faster.

Microsoft Azure and cloud computing

Predicting ocean chemistry using Microsoft Azure

Introducing LiveOcean: A cloud-based predictive system from the University of Washington and Microsoft Research of ocean acidification properties that may help the shellfish industry survive changing conditions by providing forecasts about ocean water.

Ocean-based datacenters with Project Natick

Microsoft researchers believe placing datacenters under water could solve several problems by introducing a new power source, greatly reducing cooling costs, closing the distance to connected populations and making it easier and faster to set them up.


Open source AI

CNTK, Microsoft's open source deep learning toolkit, now available on GitHub

By increasing the speed at which computers can understand speech, the Computational Network Toolkit "is just insanely more efficient than anything we've ever seen," says researcher Xuedong Huang.

Academic research and computer science news

Research News is a new service from Microsoft Research that develops, curates and summarizes news, publications, and events related to computer science research.
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