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Research at Microsoft

We have contributed to nearly every product Microsoft has shipped, including Kinect for Xbox, Cortana, cool free photography apps like Hyperlapse, and other programs that help secure your data in the cloud. We have world-renowned scientists at the forefront of machine learning, computer vision, speech, and artificial intelligence. Our external collaborations include efforts to prevent disease outbreaks and solve problems facing large cities such as traffic and pollution.

Explore and discover what our more than 1,000 researchers and engineers in labs around the world have been up to lately.

Deep learning

System trains machines to look at images the way people do – and answer questions about them

A team of Microsoft researchers, together with colleagues from Carnegie Mellon University, has created a system that uses computer vision, deep learning and language understanding to analyze images and answer questions the same way humans would.

Internet security

Learn about and download open source tools to create more secure implementations of TLS

Researchers from Microsoft and the French research organization INRIA are making public two sets of code that are part of an extensive Internet security project to create a much more secure method for implementing the Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Future visions

Free download: Sci-fi anthology inspired by science

An anthology of original stories by nine award-winning sci-fi authors inspired by the work Microsoft researchers are doing is available to everyone as a free download. Among the many topics explored are quantum computing, prediction analytics, virtual teleportation and computing that relates to emotion.


Quantum computing

A suite of tools to simulate quantum computing

Krysta Svore and Dave Wecker discuss the implications of a recently released suite of tools that allows computer scientists to simulate a quantum computer's capabilities. "This is the closest we can get to running a quantum computer without having one," said Wecker.

Research blogs and computer science news

Research News is a new service from Microsoft Research that develops, curates and summarizes news, publications, and events related to computer science research.
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