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Artificial intelligence

Progress in artificial intelligence among highlights of upcoming Faculty Summit 2015

More than 350 academic researchers and educators will join Microsoft researchers and engineers in Redmond, Washington, focused on both advancing the state of the art in computer science and using computing to solve real-world problems. Key portions of the July 8-9 conference will be streamed live.
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Machine learning

Chris J.C. Burges to receive ICML Test of Time Award for prescient machine learning work

Burges and colleagues honored for 2005 paper that introduced RankNet, a neural network ranking system still used in Microsoft's Bing search engine today and also leading to advances in real-time translation and image captioning.
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Software development and programming

Don Syme, developer of .NET Generics, gets Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal

Don Syme, a principal researcher in Microsoft's Cambridge, U.K. lab, was honored for his contributions to the engineering community, including .NET Generics and his many other contributions that benefit programmers and computer users worldwide.
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