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Project Hawaii Student Projects Spring 2010

See the apps created with Project Hawaii.

Spring 2010


  • MobiProg—Transparently Partition Applications Between Phone and Cloud. Optimizes Energy & Delay
  • Profiler—Captures Resource Usage in Runtime. Predicts Future Usage to Decide How to Partition.
  • Translation App—Capture Audio; Recognize Speech; Translate Text; Text-to-Speech; Play Audio.

Nilesh Mishra, Luis D. Pedrosa
University of Southern California

Snakes & Dragons

  • Snake Video Game Variant—Points Earned by Eating Items. When Snake Eats Items: Snake Grows; Snake Moves Faster; Dragon Appears. Game Over When Hitting Wall or Dragon.
    • On the Phone—Game Dynamics
    • In the Cloud—Dragon Positioning Min-Max AI Engine

Joongheon Kim
University of Southern California

Activity Classification

  • Activity Classification—Accelerometer Based. Discover Individual Daily Life Patterns. Share Datasets Within the Cloud. SVM (Support Vector Machine) AI Engine.
    • On the Phone—Collect Acceleration Data & Timestamps. Framing & Feature Extraction.
  • In the Cloud—Data Classification. Offline Processing / Model Training

Bin Liu
University of Southern California

Parking Assistant

  • Crowd-Sourced Parking—Driven by Social Networking. Users Rank Lots: Parking Availability, Cost, Convenience, System Finds Available Spots Close to User.
    • On the Phone—Location Tracking. User Interface
    • In the Cloud—System State. Space Ranking Algorithm

Gaurav Sanghavi, Nirmit Desai
University of Southern California


  • Social Networking Mobile App—Find Friends in Real-time. Make Friends with People Around You. Let Others Know What You Are Doing.
    • On the Phone—Location Tracking. User Interface
    • In the Cloud—Data Storage & Management

Anupama Mann, Sagar Kapare
University of Southern California

Social Connection

Phone dynamically creates your "business card" containing information about you selected appropriately for the surrounding context.

Bao, McDowell, Torski
Duke University

Adventure Game

  • Platform for Adventure Games—Treasure Hunt; Hiking; Paintball
    • On the Phone—Location & Map Service. User Management: Roles & Groups. AI Tools
    • In the Cloud—Game Specific Message Routing. Access Control Enforcement. Score Keeping

Weiwei Chen, Shuo Zhao
University of Southern California

Bomb On Your Lawn

  • Location-based Multiplayer Mobile Game—Bomber Places Bomb at Geo-location; Other Players Must Find It in Time
    • On the Phone—GPS Data Acquisition. User Interface. User Management.
    • In the Cloud—Game State. Score Keeping.

Kai Song, Chengjie Zhang
University of Southern California

Image Stitching

  • Automatic Image Stitching—Bomber Places Bomb at Geo-location; Other Players Must Find It in Time
  • Multi-step Process—SIFT, Feature Extraction, Feature Matching, Homography Estimation, Camera Pose Estimation, Image Warping.
    Each Step Can Run on Phone or in Cloud. Three Strategies: Cloud-only Local-only Static-partitioning In the Cloud:

Moo-Ryong Ra
University of Southern California

Smart Bike Pedometer

  • Smart Bike Pedometer—GPS & Accelerometer Based, Real-time Information: Burned Calories; Elapsed Time; Distance; Speed
    • On the Phone—Data Acquisition, User Interface.
    • In the Cloud—Record Keeping, Route Sharing, Road Information Datasets, Route Condition Inference Engine.

Bo-Chun Wang
University of Southern California


Find a date local to you who matches your profile and interests.

Andryieuski, Olien, Tanumihardjo

Project Eyes

Assist people with speaking disabilities by enabling them to navigate a menu of words on a phone to construct sentences.

Jenkins, Liu, Suski


Leave virtual sticky notes in different locations and interact with others seeking similar information at a given location.

Ilikhan, Liao, Meyer

Location-based RSS Feeds

Leave virtual sticky notes in different locations and interact with others seeking similar information at a given location.

Yin, Li, Kebyl, Fleming
Duke University

Ambience Aware Ringtones

Ringtone is modified on the fly to contrast with ambient noise in the current location.

Lin, Gonzales
Duke University