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Hot Topics: Doug Burger, Krysta Svore, Desney Tan, and Mary L. Gray
00:55:57 - 14 July 2014

In this session of the 2014 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, Microsoft researchers talked about the following 'hot' topics:

  • Back to the Future: The Second Age of Computing Is Ending—Doug Burger, director, Microsoft Research
  • Quantum Leaps in Computing—Krysta Svore, researcher, Microsoft Research
  • 'Mobilizing' Healthcare—Desney Tan, principal researcher, Microsoft Research
  • Crowds Are People Too!—Mary L. Gray, senior researcher, Microsoft Research -- talk begins at minute 34.
The session was chaired by Jeannette Wing, corporate vice president, Microsoft Research

Meet the Crowd: The Political Economies and Cultural Meaning of Digital Labor
13 Slides - 15 July 2014

Talk given by Siddharth Suri as a part of the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit. This session was chaired by Mary L. Gray.