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Code Digger

Code Digger is a Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2012 and 2013 extension that analyzes possible execution paths through your .NET code. The result is a table where each row shows a unique behavior of your code. The table helps you understand the behavior of the code, and it may also uncover hidden bugs.


Through the new context menu item "Generate Inputs / Outputs Table" in the Visual Studio editor, you can invoke Code Digger to analyze your code. Code Digger computes and displays input-output pairs. Code Digger systematically hunts for bugs, exceptions, and assertion failures.

Out of the box, Code Digger only works on public .NET code that resides in Portable Class Libraries. Read the Getting Started tutorial to learn how to apply Code Digger.

Under the hood, Code Digger uses the Pex engine and Microsoft Research’s Z3 constraint solver to systematically analyze all branches in the code, trying to generate a test suite that achieves high code coverage.

Code Digger is the first extension from the Pex team at Microsoft Research for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. Stay tuned for future extensions that bring more aspects of the rich experience of the Pex Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools to the latest version of Visual Studio. If you have feedback for us, or bug reports, feel free to write an email to the Pex team at Microsoft Research. If you have used Pex before, let us know if you are missing a particular feature.

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