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Award Projects: Microsoft Azure for Research

Since the launch of the Microsoft Azure for Research Award program in September 2013, we have received approximately 800 proposals from researchers around the world for projects that use Microsoft Azure and the power of cloud computing. Congratulations to the 427 selected recipients of Microsoft Azure for Research Awards to date.

We continue to receive submissions to our bi-monthly and special-opportunity requests for proposals, and look forward to learning how you are using Microsoft Azure and cloud computing to you collect, filter, analyze, and share data. We are interested in cloud-powered research from any branch of scholarly activity, including life sciences, urban sciences, environmental sciences, ecology, and geosciences.

Map showing number of award winners worldwide

Case studies

Fighting wildfires with data

Fighting Wildfires with Data  The University of the Aegean in Greece developed a new application—featuring Bing Maps, Microsoft Silverlight, and Microsoft Azure—to determine the daily wildfire risk in Lesvos during its dry season. With the help of a daily visualization of the environmental factors, the island’s fire management team uses the app to determine resource allocation for the day. Read more… 


“The Azure for Research programme has helped the Marine Institute and our research partners understand how cloud computing can be used to advance collaborative marine research including by making on-demand compute and advanced analytical data services much more easily available to virtual research teams.”

—Eoin O’Grady, Information Services and Development Manager, Marine Institute (Ireland)

"As a hydrologist, I spend a lot of time writing computer code to simulate how water moves in large networks of rivers. Because I use Linux, it didn’t occur to me to look to Microsoft for my research needs—until I got to use Microsoft Azure. Within the first day of receiving a Microsoft Azure for Research grant, I had set up my own Linux machine on the cloud, and within just two days, I was running my river network routing model on Azure. Now a month later, I am an everyday user of Azure. I have three Linux machines on Azure with different specifications, and I know I have just scratched the surface of Azure’s capabilities. You can learn more about my river model on my website on Azure."

—Dr. Cédric H. David, Project Scientist, University of California Center for Hydrologic Modeling

Share your story

If you are using Microsoft Azure for a cloud-based research project and would like to share your story, please contact