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Case Studies: Microsoft Azure for Research

Learn about some of the ways that people are using the power of Microsoft Azure for data-driven computing in the cloud. If you are using Microsoft Azure for a cloud-based research project and would like to share your story, please contact

Eco-testing a building before it is even built

Buildings Go the Cloud

New civil engineering tools that take advantage of the power of cloud computing on Microsoft Azure have the potential to reduce the time and cost of energy-efficient building by allowing in-depth simulations of a building’s performance during the design phase. Read more…


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Cloud computing unlocks drug discovery

Helping scientists discover new drugs

Toxicity prediction presents a great challenge to scientists developing new drugs; the massive data analysis requirements require a costly computer infrastructure. But with Microsoft Azure, scientists can analyze big data affordably and quickly—in the cloud. Read more…


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Fighting wildfires with data

Fighting Wildfires with Data  The University of the Aegean in Greece developed a new application—featuring Bing Maps, Microsoft Silverlight, and Microsoft Azure—to determine the daily wildfire risk in Lesvos during its dry season. With the help of a daily visualization of the environmental factors, the island’s fire management team uses the app to determine resource allocation for the day. Read more… 

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A new tool for teaching climate change in the cloud

Using ChronoZoom to build a comprehensive timeline of climate change in the cloud

A professor explores the history of climate change in depth in his graduate-level Earth System Science class. To help students visualize events through the ages, he is using ChronoZoom, an open-source community project dedicated to visualizing the history of everything. ChronoZoom stores and processes data in the cloud (through Microsoft Azure). Read more...


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Supercomputing on demand with Microsoft Azure 

Searching for genetic causes of disease 

Learn how Microsoft Azure can simplify the management of large-scale computations and how, together with FaST-LMM—an algorithm developed by Microsoft Research—it drastically reduced processing times to find new associations between genomes and diseases. Read more... 


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