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Yi-Min Wang's Thoughts

Yi-Min Wang’s Thoughts on Life, Leadership, and Love

Who I am, What I think, How I live, Why I’m here, and Where I’m going

On Life

July 11, 2014:
“In the end, it’s about what you did, not why you didn’t do it.”

November 20, 2012:
“Life is like air: when mind expands, life expands too.”

June 21, 2012:
“Don’t confuse comfort with happiness.”

December 21, 2011:
“Playing victim is a sure way to stay as a victim.”

May 30, 2011:
“Win unnecessary wins and you’ll surely lose.”

January 21, 2011:
“When life gives you exactly what you don’t want, think about the capability you didn’t expect to discover, the resilience you didn’t expect to grow, and the experience you didn’t expect to enjoy.”

January 2, 2011:
“Good is the enemy of Great; Great is the enemy of Best.”

June 28, 2010:
“Research career is all about maximizing the Max, not the Sum.”

June 3, 2010:
“When you are absolutely positively certain – think about that invisible gorilla.”

May 2, 2010:
“Pick a path, move forward, make the best out of it, and never look back. Disasters would have happened if you had chosen the other path; it could not have been better J.”

February 8, 2010:
“Being a scientist, there are two ways you can live your life: believe in only those things that you can prove true, or open your mind to everything that you cannot prove false. Live a life that’s constrained by science, but not limited by it.”

February 6, 2010:
“Appreciate the beauty that makes them so ugly...”

January 28, 2010:
“Live a rainbow life – Beautiful with a full spectrum.”

January 20, 2010:
“Every unhappy day is a wasted day.”

November 11, 2009:
“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Destination is always death, and life is all about a happy journey that ends there.”

July 2009:
“Take risks, embrace changes, enjoy challenges, and smile at failures – Live your life!”

On Life and Beyond

February 16, 2010:
“Remember that butterfly in your dream? If he didn’t realize that he merely existed in your dream, how can you be sure that your entire life is not just part of a long dream of another butterfly?”

January 22, 2010:
“Life as a single-personality individual in a single world with a single lifetime is too limiting. When you put conflicting personalities along many axes into one body, you become mentally bigger. When you absorb other people's pain and happiness as your own, you grow a bigger heart. When you open your mind to unthinkable possibilities beyond explanation by the limited knowledge of mankind, you live in a bigger world. When you realize that you could be a pigeon on St. Mark's Square in your past life and part of a colonnade in Olympic National Park in your next, you move with the flow of the Universe.”

On Leadership

July 15, 2014:
“Protect the Future, not the Past.”

September 12, 2012:
“Think what you would like to accomplish, not how you would prefer others to behave.”

September 12, 2011:
“Try to change people. If you can’t, try harder. If you still can’t, change yourself.”

August 13, 2010:
“Managing mission-oriented research is all about (1) Hiring the right people; (2) Set the right goals; (3) Give them the right support; (4) Help them stay focused; and (5) Set up the right framework to maximize the impact and visibility of their success.”

March 2, 2010:
“Successful industrial research is all about Impact (a few key things) + Visibility (a few key people).”

March 2, 2010:
“Maturity is about having self-restraint to not do or say negative things that are unnecessary for achieving business goals.”

February 28, 2010:
“Trying too hard to demonstrate leadership often ends up demonstrating a lack of leadership.”

February 15, 2010:

“Encouraging good behaviors often works better than criticizing bad behaviors.”

February 8, 2010:
“Be self-confident, and be mature: ‘I’m usually right, but I could be wrong. So let me listen to what you are saying…’ ”

January 31, 2010:
“Be your own guardian angel: always watch yourself from above.”

January 23, 2010:
“Don’t be too quick at calling it ‘political’ – using your influence to make the right thing happen is being ‘mature’; using your influence to make the wrong thing happen is called ‘political’.”

January 7, 2010:
“To succeed in a research lab is like drinking a cup of TEA: Think, Execute, and Advertise”

January 2009:
“It’s always all my fault: either I am wrong and you are right, so it’s my fault; or I am right and you are wrong but I cannot convince you that you are wrong, so it’s still my fault. I own the entire problem end-to-end, now how can I help you?”

January 2008:
“Remove all your hot buttons; they make you weak by letting others control when and how hard they want to push them.”

January 2007:
“Think outside the box, every box!”

January 2006:
“Thick skin.”

January 2005:
“The more credit you share, the more credit you have.”

On Love

February 8, 2010:
“Love is a reliable rock that you can always lean on to make your worst day better and your best day spectacular!”

January 27, 2010:
“You’ve been with her for almost 30 years and you know that you’ll be with her for the next 30 years, and yet you miss her when she’s away for 3 days… Suddenly, you realize that’s what love is all about :-).”

Last Updated: July 15, 2014