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Steve Hodges

Selected projects

At Microsoft, Steve has worked on a diverse range of research projects which explore technologies and devices to support new interactive experiences:

  • Circuit stickers and Instant Inkjet printing provide a new cheap and quick way to build interactive electronic prototypes. Components like LEDs, sounders, buttons and sensors are stuck down onto paper which has been printed with conductive traces using a domestic inkjet printer.
  • .NET Gadgeteer is a platform which makes it easy to prototype new types of electronic device and which is gaining traction with hobbyists, educators and professionals. Over 100 modules are available to buy, and there are several books to get you started. The devices are programmed in C# or Visual Basic using Visual Studio.
  • Kinect Fusion is a way of turning a Kinect depth sensor into a 3D scanner and this technology can also be used to enable a number of augmented reality scenarios, for example an augmented projector. Steve also helped to develop a way of using multiple Kinect sensors simultaneously. This exciting research ultimately led to the formation of I3D, a new research group focussed solely on immersive 3D interactions. 
  • SenseCam is a wearable camera that takes photos automatically and which is proving to have great potential as an aid to recall for people with memory loss - it is currently being evaluated in a number of clinical settings. Sensecam is also proving to be an incredibly powerful tool for studying the processes of autobiographical memory and is helping cognitive neuroscientists develop their theoretical models.
  • The Microsoft Touch Mouse was developed from research exploring a number of new possibilities for multi-touch mice.
  • SecondLight is a completely new type of display that supports interaction in the space in front or above it - bringing interaction out into the real world. Another new display technology is Vermeer,  a true multi-view 3D display.

Other projects that Steve is working on are described on the Sensors and Devices group web site.