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Station Q Graduate Fellowships

We are proud to announce a Microsoft Graduate Fellowship program in the Math Department of UC Santa Barbara.

The successful applicant will be designated as a Microsoft Graduate Fellow in Mathematics. In addition to the regular UCSB Math Dept faculty, the Microsoft Fellows have the option to work with and be co-advised by the Microsoft Station Q mathematicians -- Michael Freedman, Matthew Hastings, Kevin Walker, and Zhenghan Wang -- to do research related to the topological quantum computing project. This area includes: quantum topology, quantum algebra, topological phases of matter, and quantum computation (information, algorithms, fault tolerance).

To apply for this fellowship, you should apply to the UCSB Math Department and express your interest to be considered as a Microsoft Graduate Fellow on your application. The fellowship is awarded for the first year with a strong preference for continuation to a second year. If the fellowship were not to be continued, financial support will be provided as for regular UCSB graduate students.

Questions about applying should be directed to Medina Price, and other inquiries to Zhenghan Wang.