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Microsoft Research New England

Visit Microsoft Research New EnglandMicrosoft Research New England (MSR-NE) was founded in July 2008 in Cambridge, Mass., by Managing Director Jennifer Tour Chayes and Deputy Managing Director Christian Borgs. It is one of Microsoft Corp.’s twelve worldwide research facilities to be established since 1991, including basic research labs in Redmond, Wash.; Cambridge, United Kingdom; Beijing, China; Mountain View, Calif.; Bangalore, India; and New York, N.Y., with a world-class team of 1,100 brilliant scientists and engineers. Learn more...

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From the Director

Jennifer Chayes“Microsoft Research New England focuses on interdisciplinary work, integrating the more mathematical and algorithmic sciences with both the social sciences and aspects of the biomedical sciences. Our work includes applied projects in areas such as economics, social media, and health care, as well as more theoretical projects in areas such as mathematics and cryptography. The researchers in our lab collaborate closely with the vibrant local academic community. Our primary goal is to advance the state of the art in interdisciplinary research, and our research also enhances Microsoft products and services both through direct transfer of technology and through impact on Microsoft strategy.” Read more...

Jennifer Chayes, Managing Director, Microsoft Research New England

Research Areas

  • Computational Biology
  • Computer Science
    • Algorithms
    • Complexity, Cryptography, and Communication
    • Machine Learning
    • Systems and Security
  • Economics and Computation
  • Mathematics
  • Networks
  • Social Media

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Get to Know the Lab

Careers at Microsoft Research

We are always looking for exceptional researchers, post-docs, and interns. For more information about a career at Microsoft Research New England, see: