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Machine Learning and Perception
Machine Learning and Perception

The Machine Learning and Perception group is one of the major research groups at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Its research broadly aims at structure and exploiting structure in real-world data sets, with applications such as matchmaking in online gaming, intelligent image processing, web search and analysis of DNA data.

Research Themes

Computer Vision

The Computer Vision group has an exciting research agenda around the topics of human body tracking, image and video editing, object class recognition, medical image analysis, and the theory of large-scale optimisation. An example of our recent success is the award-winning work on skeletal tracking in Microsoft’s Kinect.


Machine Learning
The Machine Learning group aims to establish the technological basis for the new paradigms of model-based machine learning and probabilistic programming. Research is focused on advancing the state-of-the-art of probabilistic modelling and inference, and on applying these techniques to challenging real-world problems such as recommendation systems, healthcare, online education, and web search.


Online Services

The group has embedded researchers and developers from a number of Microsoft product groups in the area of online services. Collaborative research areas include information retrieval for Bing, SharePoint, Yammer, auction design and optimisation for adCenter, and recommendation systems for Xbox Live.



Please refer to the research area pages and the homepages of individual group members.


  • The Machine Learning and Perception Group has vacancies from time to time. We are always interested to hear from outstanding scientists, especially recent PhDs, but also established researchers. For further information please contact Chris Bishop.


Every year, we welcome several interns in the Machine Learning and Perception group. To apply for an internship, please refer to the Cambridge Lab Intership Program page.

What former interns have said: “An inspiring place to work — lots of clever people and exciting research!”
Timothy Hospedales, Intern, Microsoft Research Cambridge

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