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Cambridge Systems and Networking: Careers

The Cambridge Systems & Networking group is always looking for interns, RSDE's, post-docs and exceptional researchers. For general information about careers at Microsoft Research, please see our Jobs page.

Research Software Development Engineers (RSDE)

RSDEs are strong software developers with a Bachelor’s Degree, and often a Masters or Ph.D. in computer science, whose positions in Microsoft Research encompass a wide range of roles that can shift over time. Depending on the opportunity, RSDEs can collaboratively partner with researchers pushing the state of the art of computer science by engineering prototype technologies and components based on domain innovations, writing papers, and formulating patents. RSDEs can also be involved in the technical transfer of innovation into to the main Microsoft products, working with engineers and other roles across the company providing a great opportunity for knowledge gain and sharing, networking, and potentially being part of product definition.

Applicants should apply for a technical full time position here.


The primary responsibilities of a researcher include conducting basic and applied research on the most challenging computer science problems.

Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. and a well-established research track record as demonstrated by journal publications and conference papers, as well as participation on program committees, editorial boards, and advisory panels. Additional requirements include outstanding communication skills and the ability to develop original research agendas. Junior candidates must have demonstrated outstanding potential for leadership in their field as judged by letters of recommendation. Candidates must also be able to collaborate effectively with other researchers and product development teams.


  • PhD degree in computer science, electrical engineering, statistics, mathematics, or equivalent field
  • Research experience in, and familiarity with, the literature in one of the Microsoft Research research areas; industrial research internships a plus.
  • Demonstrated ability to generate new ideas and innovate.
  • Research track record including minimum of two peer-reviewed research publications; stronger publication history a plus.

Applicants should view the information on our Researcher page.


Qualifications for post-doc researchers include a strong academic record in computer science or relevant technical area. Applicants must have completed the requirements for a PhD, including submission of their thesis, prior to joining Microsoft Research.

Post-doc researchers receive a competitive salary and benefits package, and are eligible for relocation expenses. Post-doc researchers are hired for a one or two year fixed term appointment.

Further information and an application form for these fixed-term posts (currently two years) is available on our Post-doc Positions page.


Internships normally last 12 weeks and most commonly occur over the summer. We are looking for a variety of applicants who are graduate students on PhD programs relevant to all of our areas of research. We prefer candidates to have had two or three year’s experience of practical PhD-level research. You are able to submit an application at any point however typically internships are allocated in March with the majority of internships running over the summer.

For more information, please check out our Cambridge internship page, and follow the instructions there. In addition, you may wish to identify people or projects you are interested in, and informally email the relevant staff directly.

Bright Minds Competition

Students in their penultimate year of undergraduate studies have the opportunity to work on real projects alongside some of brightest minds in computer science at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Please apply on our Bright Minds Competition page.

Successful candidates will embark on an 8 week internship programme starting mid-Summer.

To be eligible to enter, you must:

  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Be enrolled in undergraduate studies at the time of application
  • Be studying engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, design, social sciences or computational biology
  • Have strong analytical abilities and an interest in pursuing post graduate research
  • Have programming skills