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Papers and Tutorials

Programming Language Design and Implementation 2012
June 11–16, 2012 | Beijing, China

Papers Co-Authored by Microsoft

The following are some of the papers that were presented at the event.

PLDI Main Conference Papers

  • Adaptive Input-aware Compilation for Graphics Engines
    Mehrzad Samadi, Amir Hormati, Mojtaba Mehrara, Scott Mahlke
    Monday June 11, 10:05–10:45
  • Parallelizing Top-Down Interprocedural Analyses
    Aws Albarghouthi, Rahul Kumar, Aditya Nori, Sriram Rajamani
    Tuesday June 12, 10:20–11:00
  • Type-Directed Completion of Partial Expressions
    Daniel Perelman, Sumit Gulwani, Tom Ball, Dan Grossman
    Tuesday June 12, 12:15–13:30
  • Test-Case Reduction for C Compiler Bugs
    John Regehr, Yang Chen, Pascal Cuoq, Eric Eide, Chucky Ellison, Xuejun Yang
    Tuesday June 12, 13:30–14:45
  • Automated Synthesis of Symbolic Instruction Encodings from I/O Samples
    Patrice Godefroid, Ankur Taly
    Wednesday June 13, 12:00–13:30
  • Multicore Acceleration of Priority-Based Schedulers for Concurrency Bug Detection
    Santosh Nagarakatte, Sebastian Burckhardt, Milo M K Marti, Madanlal Musuvathi
    Wednesday June 13, 15:15–16:30

ECOOP Main Conference Papers

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Microsoft Research Tutorials

The following tutorials will be presented by Microsoft Research staff. This list will be updated with additional tutorials.

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