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Frequently Asked Questions

WorldWide Telescope Academic Program

Is the WorldWide Telescope free?
The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) software is free for academic use. For details, please refer to WorldWide Telescope Terms of Use.

What WorldWide Telescope Developer Programs are available?
The WWT Academic Development Kit (WWT-ADK) contains tools that allow users to customize how they use the WWT. The WWT-ADK May 2009 Release contains two utilities:

SphereToaster and StudyChopper: these tools enable users to convert their astronomical images, panoramas, sky surveys, and planetary textures to a format that can be read by WWT and shared with other WWT users.

In addition, the WorldWide Telescope Web Control script reference enables users to integrate WorldWide Teleescope into your own web portal.

Do you provide any funding for research and/or education efforts that use WWT?
The WWT Academic Program recognizes academic researchers and students who demonstrate innovative use of the WWT to enhance research and education in astronomy and other sciences. For details, please contact us at

What are the differences between the WWT Windows client and the WWT Web client?
The WWT Windows client offers a range of professional features, including tour authoring, inter-application communication, and connection to telescopes that are not available in the WWT Web client.

The Web Client version of WorldWide Telescope offers a subset of the features from the WorldWide Telescope Windows Client that was released in May 2008. View a more detailed comparison of the features.

Where can I learn more about the WorldWide Telescope?
Read the WWT overview and find additional frequently asked questions.

Conferences and Workshops
  • WWT at IVOA
    Naples, Italy, May 16–19, 2011
  • WWT at Astroviz
    Seattle, WA, June 4–5, 2011
  • WWT at dotAstronomy
    Oxford, UK, Apr 2–6, 2011
  • WWT at AAS 217
    Seattle, WA, January 9–13, 2011
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