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Product Contributions 2013


Bing voice-search features
Microsoft Research’s work on deep neural networks, a computational framework for automatic pattern recognition that is inspired by the basic circuits of the human brain, has led to enhanced speed and accuracy for Bing voice search.


Power Map for Excel 2013
Microsoft Research’s Power Map add-in for Microsoft Excel provides interactive, 3-D geospatial and temporal data visualizations. It helps you map, explore, and interact with geographical and temporal data, enabling you to discover and share new insights.

Visual Studio

Researchers created a software-development kit to enable developers of apps for Windows tablets and laptops to optimize battery consumption by seeing where battery capacity is being used.


Xbox One time-of-flight camera algorithms
Researchers developed a time-of-flight camera capability that provides accurate depth estimation, enabling the shapes of objects to be computed.

Audio enhancements for Kinect for Xbox One
Enhanced audio developed by Microsoft Research for Kinect for Xbox One extends the device’s capability to control of the console via voice command.

Xbox One wireless protocol
Researchers designed an Xbox One protocol that delivers high throughput while guaranteeing low latency.

Windows Phone

Network Speed Test app
The Network Speed Test app from Microsoft Research can provide detailed information about the upload and download speeds of Internet connections. The app also maintains a history of the Internet connections already tested, to provide easy comparison.

Socl mobile app
With Socl, researchers created a way to express ideas through rich post collages that take seconds to create and are easy to collect, comment upon, and share on Socl and other social networks.