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Real-Time Non-Rigid Reconstruction Using an RGB-D Camera

Duration  00:06:45

Date recorded  11 August 2014

Among Microsoft Research's contributions to SIGGRAPH 2014, a combined hardware and software solution for markerless reconstruction of non-rigidly deforming physical objects with arbitrary shape in real-time. Our system uses a single self-contained stereo camera unit built from off-the-shelf components and consumer graphics hardware to generate spatio-temporally coherent 3D models at 30 Hz. A new stereo matching algorithm estimates real-time RGB-D data. The system is an order of magnitude faster than state-of-the-art methods, while matching the quality and robustness of many offline algorithms. We demonstrate how acquired models can be used for many interactive scenarios, including re-texturing, online performance capture and preview, and real-time shape and motion re-targeting.

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