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Networked Publics as Third Places

Speaker  Shelly Farnham, John Carroll, Ed Cutrell, Andrea Kavanaugh, and Robert Mason

Affiliation  Microsoft, Pennsylvania State University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University, University of Washington

Host  Shelly Farnham

Duration  01:31:45

Date recorded  15 July 2014

Communication technologies have long played a central role in people’s personal and professional lives. However, as social media has become globally ubiquitous in the past decade, enabling people to connect with any person, friend or stranger, around the world, communication technologies have also played an increasingly important role in the public, civic sphere. These networked publics provide a new form of third place—a place outside the home and work—transforming how people are connected and mobilized to address civic issues. Concurrently, progressive governments are redefining societal prosperity to encompass not only financial success but also the quality of life of its citizens. An important condition of well-being is membership in a thriving community that effectively collaborates both to have fun and to solve its collective problems. In this panel, we will discuss how we should help people leverage networked publics as third places to positively impact global citizen well-being.

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