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The Coming Genomics Software Revolution

Speaker  Lee Hood, Eliezer Van Allen, Jonathan Carlson, and Ravi Pandya

Affiliation  Institute for Systems Biology, Harvard University, Microsoft Research, Microsoft

Host  Ravi Pandya

Duration  01:33:36

Date recorded  14 July 2014

A hardware revolution has slashed the cost of sequencing by over a million-fold in a few years, far faster than Moore’s law, opening great opportunities for software to revolutionize healthcare. This session will explore how the combination of the $1,000 genome with molecular diagnostics and electronic medical records, across millions of patients, will transform medicine, making it not just personalized, but also predictive, preventive, and participatory. You will hear about a pioneering program to follow 100,000 well patients, building for each individual a multi-dimensional data model to optimize their wellness and minimize their disease. We will also discuss how genomic data is being used in the clinic to personalize cancer therapies to individual patients; the computational analysis of HIV evolution, transmission, and immune response, to improve the effectiveness of therapeutics and vaccines; and how to efficiently scale genomic analysis into the cloud.

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