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Consuming Sports: Information, Interaction, and Innovation

Duration  00:51:35

Date recorded  8 July 2014

People increasingly are consuming live sports with a second screen in their hands -- a phone, a tablet, or a computer -- because they need more information to stay focused. We see a new virtual cycle arising to couple that information more closely with the broadcast experience: Better information is conveyed to the viewer, innovative methods lead to more interaction, and data analytics, via machine learning, lead to even better information. More interesting and meaningful information, which can range from prediction to fun facts, will be paired with live events. The information, derived from new data analytics using econometrics and machine learning on new data streams -- such as social media, online information, and fundamentals -- arises on both the main and second screens, with the goal of increasing interaction. Interaction can be agreeing or disagreeing with a prediction; making predictions of one’s own, as Cantor Gaming does; or answering a poll. This raw information is processed and fed back into the broadcast or the second screen, leading to more interaction. This takes an innovative back end, not just accurate, but also with low latency on predictions to become “part of the broadcast.” Innovative front-end design is also required; it all has to mesh to provide a cutting-edge user experience. This talk is about how information leads to interaction, which leads to information, and it all is greased by companywide innovation. Watching sports soon is going to be a whole new ballgame!

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