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3rd Pacific Northwest Regional NLP Workshop: Short Talks

Speaker  Mahsa Yarmohammadi, Xiao Ling, Xi Victoria Lin, Yashar Mehdad, and Stephanie Lukin

Affiliation  OHSU, UW, UBC, USC

Duration  01:00:46

Date recorded  24 April 2014

Short Talks

11:20 Approximate Parsing with “Hedge Grammars”, Mahsa Yarmohammadi

11:32 Context Representation for Named Entity Linking, Xiao Ling, Sameer Singh and Daniel S. Weld

11:44 Leveraging Prior Knowledge of Output Structure for Learning with Incomplete Annotations, Xi Victoria Lin, Sameer Singh, Luheng He and Luke Zettlemoyer

11:56 Evaluating Open Relation Extraction Over Conversational Texts, Mahsa Imani, Yashar Mehdad, Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond T. Ng

12:08 Identifying Subjective and Figurative Language in Online Dialogue, Stephanie Lukin, Marilyn Walker, Luke Eisenberg and Thomas Corcoran

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