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Databases and Server-Aided MPC

Speaker  Vlad Kolesnikov, Tal Malkin, and Riivo Talviste

Affiliation  Bell Labs, Columbia University and Bar Ilan University, Cybernetica AS

Host  Seny Kamara

Duration  01:08:09

Date recorded  21 February 2014

10:00-11:10 - Databases •Practical Private Database Querying Vlad Kolesnikov, Bell Labs; and Tal Malkin, Columbia University and Bar Ilan University •Practical linking of databases using secure multiparty computation Riivo Talviste, Cybernetica AS

11:10-12:10 - Server-Aided MPC •PartialGC: a system for saving and reusing intermediate garbled circuit values Benjamin Mood, University of Oregon •Whitewash: Outsourcing Garbled Circuit Generation for Mobile Devices Henry Carter, Georgia Institute of Technology

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