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Information-Rich Programming in F# with Semantic Data

Speaker  Steffan Staab and Martin Leinberger

Affiliation  University of Koblenz-Landau

Host  Evelyne Viegas

Duration  01:14:23

Date recorded  27 January 2014

Programming with rich data frequently implies that one needs to search for, understand, integrate and program with new data - with each of these steps constituting a major obstacle to successful data use. In this talk we will explain and demonstrate how our approach, LITEQ - Language Integrated Types, Extensions and Queries for RDF Graphs, which is realized as part of the F# / Visual Studio-environment, supports the software developer. Using the extended IDE the developer may now 1.explore new, previously unseen data sources, which are either natively in RDF or mapped into RDF; 2.use the exploration of schemata and data in order to construct types and objects in the F# environment; 3.automatically map between data and programming language objects in order to make them persistent in the data source; Have extended typing functionality added to the F# environment and resulting from the exploration of the data source and its mapping into F#.

Core to this approach is the novel node path query language, NPQL that allows for interactive, intuitive exploration of data schemata and data proper as well as for the mapping and definition of types, object collections and individual objects.

Beyond the existing type provider mechanism for F# our approach also allows for property-based navigation and runtime querying for data objects.

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