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Accelerating Your Research with Microsoft Azure – Webinar

Duration  00:43:51

Date recorded  18 November 2013

The scale and pace of research is rapidly increasing across disciplines from bioinformatics and engineering, to the environmental and social sciences. As data and compute demands grow, cloud computing can make your research easier by giving you on-demand, flexible and scalable resources for computing and data without fuss. Microsoft Azure is a general, open, and flexible global cloud platform supporting any language, tool, or framework—including Linux, Java, Python, and other non-Microsoft technologies. In this webinar, you will discover what, why, and how Microsoft Azure can be applied to accelerate your research.

Areas covered in the session:

  • What is cloud computing?
  • When to use cloud computing for you research
  • How Microsoft Azure can be applied for data processing, scale out computing, and
  • Real-world research applications on Microsoft Azure
  • How to get started with Microsoft Azure, and what to do next
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