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Lessons from Megaprojects: The Creators and Destroyers of Capital

Speaker  Virginia (Ginny) A. Greiman

Affiliation  Boston University and Harvard University

Host  Shobana Balakrishnan

Duration  00:59:30

Date recorded  18 October 2013

Megaprojects continue to change the face of the world as we know it. Prof. Greiman’s definitive new book on Megaproject Management: lessons on risk and project management from the Big Dig focuses on the unique characteristics of these large scale projects and what makes the lessons from these projects great teaching tools for projects across industries and continents. The author will share her professional experiences as a risk manager, deputy counsel and adviser to several of the world’s largest megaprojects including Boston’s Big Dig, London’s Crossrail Project, America’s nuclear reactors, and Asia’s South China Sea development. This talk will focus on both the blunders and the brilliance of project managers in leading megaprojects to extraordinary success, or in some cases unmitigated disaster. She will share ways in which Microsoft can better leverage opportunities through the lessons from megaprojects so that they may be systemically pursued.

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> Lessons from Megaprojects: The Creators and Destroyers of Capital