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Microsoft Online Safety Standards & Procedures Training Intro

Speaker  Bob Thibault

Affiliation  Microsoft

Host  TwC Online Safety

Duration  00:19:41

Date recorded  14 October 2013

In this live and interactive session, we will be using scenarios based on real-world examples to highlight how the new Microsoft Online Safety Standards & Procedures (MOS S&Ps) and your review process can help you quickly and easily uncover applicable Online Safety risks. Together we’ll learn how to resolve them in ways which meet your business team’s needs, while maintaining compliance with the MOS S&Ps.

After taking this course, you’ll come away with:

  • A deeper understanding of the application of the MOS S&Ps • Best practices for the day-to-day engagement with your teams over online safety-impacting work • Online Safely terminology • When it’s best to filter inappropriate content • What is a Code of Conduct, and when is one necessary • Providing abuse reporting capability, and how the reports should be handled • Managing the risks associate with child pornography
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