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Body Powered Sensor Systems for Health and Environment

Speaker  Tom Snyder

Affiliation  NSF Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST)

Host  Arjmand Samuel

Duration  01:19:35

Date recorded  14 October 2013

Through nanotechnology research, ASSIST is building wearable sensor systems for the purpose of dramatically improving health and environment informatics. The talk will overview efforts in energy harvesting off the human body, sub-threshold CMOS research for ultra-low power devices and nano-enabled sensors. ASSIST is combining these technologies into wearable form factors for widespread market adoption and clinical approval. As users gain ability to monitor personal health parameters and personal environmental exposures real-time, the ability to manage wellness increases. Big data analytics of this network of wearable health devices will allow better advisement of environmental policy.

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