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Reinventing Tech for the Next Generation—she++ and Microsoft Research

Speaker  Amy Lin, Ayna Agarwal, Cordy Rierson, Erin Chapple, Kathryn McKinley, Katie Doran, Priya Ganesan, Rane Johnson, and Shilpa Ranganathan

Affiliation  Microsoft Research, Stanford University, MSR, UCLA, Graduate International Community School, Microsoft, Platform Next, Skype

Host  Rane Johnson and Ayna Agarwal

Duration  02:19:12

Date recorded  28 August 2013

Learn what Microsoft Research, in partnership with she++, is doing to change the face of computer science by bringing more women into the field. This on-demand video of the event, "Reinventing Tech for the Next Generation," includes the she++ documentary and question-and-answer sessions with our two panels. The first panel consists of highly motivated and inspiring female interns who are making a difference in their local communities by growing the next generation of computer scientists. The second includes top technical women from Microsoft who are driving innovation and change across the company. Share in the inspiration and enthusiasm for growing the numbers of women in computer science and learn what you can do to help the cause.

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