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Going Big on Big Data

Speaker  Sam Madden

Affiliation  MIT

Host  Vivek Narasayya, XCG

Duration  01:07:28

Date recorded  26 July 2013

The hot topic in computer science this year is Big Data. At MIT, I've recently started two "big data" initiatives: the Intel Science and Technology Center (ISTC) in Big Data, and BigData@CSAIL, and industry-sponsored consortium. In this talk, I'll give a bit of background about what big data is, why industry is so excited about it, and my own perspective on the challenging research problems it brings up. I'll also describe a couple of "big data" research projects we've been doing, including BlinkDB, an approximate query processor built on Apache Hive, and CarTel, a system for collecting and making sense of noisy data from cars and smartphones.

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