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Quantum Speedup by Quantum Annealing

Speaker  Maria Kieferova

Affiliation  Comenius University

Host  Krysta Svore

Duration  00:37:28

Date recorded  13 August 2013

We study the glued-trees problem of Childs, et. al. in the adiabatic model of quantum computing and provide an annealing schedule to solve an oracular problem exponentially faster than classically possible. The Hamiltonians involved in the quantum annealing do not suffer from the so-called sign problem. Unlike the typical scenario, our schedule is efficient even though the minimum energy gap of the Hamiltonians is exponentially small in the problem size. We discuss generalizations based on initial-state randomization to avoid some slowdowns in adiabatic quantum computing due to small gaps.

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> Quantum Speedup by Quantum Annealing