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Epidermal Electronics

Speaker  John Rogers

Affiliation  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Host  Desney Tan

Duration  01:09:43

Date recorded  15 August 2013

Materials, mechanics designs and manufacturing systems are now available for electronic systems with thicknesses, effective elastic moduli, bending stiffnesses and areal mass densities matched to the epidermis. Laminating such ‘epidermal’ electronic devices onto the skin leads to conformal contact, and adequate adhesion based on van der Waals interactions alone, in a manner that is mechanically invisible to the user. In this talk, we describe recent advances in this type of technology, with an emphasis on materials that enable (1) direct printing of the electronics onto the skin, (2) bonding and encapsulation for robust, long-term wearability, (3) advanced sensors, ranging from temperature detectors with ~mK precision to hydration monitors with the ability for multiplexed spatial mapping and (4) human/machine interfaces, including examples in real-time control of helicopter drones via electromyography.

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