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Touch-Enabled Programming for the Lab of Things

Speaker  Zheng Dong

Affiliation  Indaina University

Host  Arjmand Samuel

Duration  00:48:00

Date recorded  7 August 2013

Lab of Things (LoT) is a platform for interconnecting devices and sensors. LoT allows deployment of such technology in homes and other places where people live and work. While LoT offers an easy solution for data collection and processing, developing applications for deployment on LoT requires tool chain based on Visual Studio. In this talk, Zheng will introduce a generic application for LoT that allows developers to create personalized scripts using TouchDevelop, enabling quick development of LoT apps on any touch-enabled platform. Using the new LoT library on TouchDevelop, a simple LoT application can be created in only a few lines of code.

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