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Towards a Model-Based Video Coding

Speaker  Wen Gao

Affiliation  Peking University, China

Host  Zhengyou Zhang

Duration  00:48:17

Date recorded  2 August 2013

Image and video data is becoming a majority in the big data, a reasonable improvement of video coding efficiency may get a big cost saving in transmission and/or storage, that is why so many researchers work on the new coding technologies and standards. For example, a join video team between ISO and ITU-T works on HEVC/H.265 standard which achieves about 50% bits saving over H.264/MPEG-4 AVC with the comparable visual quality. However, the limitation on further performance improvement under the traditional hybrid coding framework is recognized, researchers are looking for new model/technology. Recently, the model based coding (MBC) has achieved some exciting results on surveillance video coding, which reported by the AVS working group under IEEE Standards Association, in IEEE 1857 standard published in June of 2013. IEEE 1857 is doubles the coding efficiency compared with the state-of-art of video coding standards. This talk will report the recent developments of MBC video coding, specifically on background picture model based surveillance coding and cloud-based image coding, the challenging problems and future directions will be discussed also.

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> Towards a Model-Based Video Coding