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Database Systems Exploiting New Hardware Platforms

Speaker  Jignesh Patel, Justin Levandoski, Paul Larson, and Thomas Neumann

Affiliation  Microsoft Research, Technische Universität München, University of Wisconsin

Host  David Lomet

Duration  01:17:53

Date recorded  15 July 2013

Main memory databases have become increasingly important as a way to provide high-performance OLTP (on-line transaction processing) capability. By restricting data to by main memory resident, rather than storing disk resident data entirely in the main memory cache, it is possible to use new technology that results in much better performance. This new setting calls for a revolution in the access methods, concurrency control, and recovery. It reduces the need for high scalability because peak performance is so much higher.

This session of the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit explores main memory technologies, the performance that they produce, the problems encountered, and the prospects going forward.

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