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Towards a Research Platform for Internet of Things (IoT): Complete Session

Speaker  AJ Brush, Arjmand Samuel, Kamin Whitehouse, and Ratul Mahajan

Affiliation  University of Virginia, Microsoft Research, MSR Redmond

Host  Arjmand Samuel, Microsoft Research

Duration  01:21:59

Date recorded  15 July 2013

We are living in a world of connected devices. These devices can take a number of shapes and forms: from tablet computers and smartphones, to sensors in the home, to embedded and wearable computers. Increasingly, there is interest in deploying devices and sensors in homes, buildings, vehicles, and any other spaces where human activity occurs. Most of these devices require software architectures and cloud services that are generally developed for either a specific device or class of devices. The prototyping and development of new devices requires new architectures and services, which consume precious research resources. To alleviate this barrier in research, a flexible platform with expandable device interface as well as programmatic access to device data and functionality, are required.

In this session of the 2013 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit, researchers from academia and Microsoft Research talk about research challenges in connected devices in the home and beyond, and provide an overview of the upcoming HomeOS platform.

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