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Modeling Brain Circuitry over a Wide Range of Scales

Speaker  Pascal Fua

Affiliation  Computer Vision Laboratory

Host  Daron Green

Duration  01:10:03

Date recorded  29 July 2013

Electron microscopes (EM) can now provide the nanometer resolution that is needed to image synapses, and therefore connections, while Light Microscopes (LM) see at the micrometer resolution required to model the 3D structure of the dendritic network. Since both the arborescence and the connections are integral parts of the brain's wiring diagram, combining these two modalities is critically important.

In this talk, I will therefore present our approach to building the dendritic arborescence, to segmenting intra-neuronal structures from EM images, and to registering the resulting models. I will also argue that the techniques that are in wide usage in the Computer Vision and Machine Learning community are just as applicable in this context

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> Modeling Brain Circuitry over a Wide Range of Scales