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Networking Technologies for Real-Time, Interactive Applications

Speaker  Sanjeev Mehrotra

Affiliation  Microsoft Research

Host  Venkat Padmanabhan

Duration  01:00:53

Date recorded  2 July 2013

Interactive and real-time communication (RTC) applications are constituting an increasing share of internet traffic these days. As they operate on increasingly complex and noisy networks, their performance suffers due to the fact that they require both high throughput as well as low end-to-end delay. In this talk we present several networking technologies developed to improve the performance of RTC applications: RAPID, URCP, and PROTEUS. RAPID provides a reliable and adaptive protocol using an intelligent hybrid FEC/ARQ scheme designed to remove the delay caused by retransmissions of lost packets. RAPID provides the underlying technology in the RemoteFX for WAN UDP protocol shipping with Remote Desktop. URCP is a universal rate control protocol designed to provide both low delay as well as high throughput on noisy networks such as cellular networks. PROTEUS provides a framework for network prediction of cellular networks so that RTC applications can make intelligent decisions to improve performance.

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