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Small Image Sensors and Big Visual Data

Speaker  Li Zhang

Affiliation  University of Wisconsin

Host  Michael Cohen

Duration  01:04:45

Date recorded  1 July 2013

This talk will discuss small image sensor designs and big visual data parsing and their applications. We live in a technology world in which cameras are shrinking in size and photos and videos are exploding in quantity. My research has been dealing with technical challenges in both areas. I will show a single-chip design for compressive sensing of high-speed high-dynamic-range videos. The design has the benefit of achieving nearly 100% light throughput and uses reduced sampling rate to reduce power consumption. I will show how to enhance low light performance and remove hand shaking in video capture using a portable array of small cameras. I will show a nonparametric approach to the image parsing problem applied to street view images and face images; that is, classify each pixel into sky, road, building, eye brows, lips, etc, given an input image. I will show the potential applications of image parsing in touchpad-based face image retrieval and privacy protection in video surveillance.

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> Small Image Sensors and Big Visual Data