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Riemannian manifolds, kernels and learning

Speaker  Richard Hartley

Affiliation  Australian National University

Host  Sing Bing Kang

Duration  00:56:12

Date recorded  2 July 2013

I will talk about recent results from a number of people in the group on Riemannian manifolds in computer vision. In many Vision problems Riemannian manifolds come up as a natural model. Data related to a problem can be naturally represented as a point on a Riemannian manifold. This talk will give an intuitive introduction to Riemannian manifolds, and show how they can be applied in many situations. Examples that will be considered are the Essential manifold, relevant in structure from motion; the manifold of Positive Definite matrices and the Grassman Manifolds, which have a role in object recognition and classification, and the Kendall shape manifold, which represents the shape of 2D objects

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