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Language-Integrated Quantum Operations:A Software Architecture for Quantum Computing

Speaker  Dave Wecker

Affiliation  Microsoft

Host  Byron Cook

Duration  00:57:46

Date recorded  30 April 2013

Compilers and computer-aided design tools will be essential for quantum computing. At this event, Dave Wecker will present a computer-aided design flow, called LIQUi|⟩, which transforms a high-level language program, representing a quantum algorithm, into a technology-specific implementation. He’ll trace the significant steps in this flow and illustrate the transformations to the representation of the quantum program.

Dave will also describe, in detail, the low-level quantum language and the quantum simulator within this design flow. LIQUi|⟩ is an attempt to remedy many of the difficulties in quantum programming and simulation (namely difficulties in debugging, visualization, and exponential growth in memory), as well as make it possible for a wider audience to design, implement, and test quantum algorithms. It provides a functional language (based on F#) that is efficient for programming and allows a combination of classical and quantum operations. In addition, this advanced memory model allows simulation of a large numbers of qubits, and also uses parallel hardware for processing efficiency. Dave will demonstrate the capabilities of LIQUi|⋅⟩ and simulate several quantum algorithms. Shor’s algorithm has been fully implemented in LIQUi|⋅⟩; we can factor numbers from 15 to 8189 on a standard desktop and display the corresponding circuit diagrams.

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