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Revealing the Invisible

Speaker  Fredo Durand

Affiliation  Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Host  Hugues Hoppe

Duration  01:02:57

Date recorded  3 June 2013

I will first give a brief overview of recent results about a compiler for high-performance image processing, an authoring tool for online video lectures, and Metropolis light transport. The main part of the talk will introduce a number of techniques that reveal variations that are too small to be seen in regular video. I will introduce Eulerian video magnification and show how simple temporal processing can amplify not just color changes but also spatial motion. I will then introduce a new approach based on complex-valued steerable pyramids that can better capture local motion and significantly improves the quality of the results. Finally, I will demonstrate that heart rate can be extracted from regular videos, not just by analyzing color variations but also by analyzing imperceptible head motion.

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