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Multimedia Communications: What, Where and How?

Speaker  Shahab Baqai

Affiliation  University of Illinois

Host  Arjmand Samuel

Duration  01:14:20

Date recorded  8 April 2013

Communication and sharing of information has become as pervasive and multimodal as the science fictional imagination of various works such as Star Trek, except of course where there is a transgression on the laws of Physics (faster than light communications, etc.) In this talk I will identify the building blocks in the end-to-end communication system; enabling technologies and the protocols that provide for ubiquitous, multimedia communication experience over heterogeneous network substrates and end devices. The talk will focus on audio and video communication over packet switched networks highlighting my work in efficient and secure delivery of content within the user quality specifications and resource constraints. The challenges and projected solutions over present and next generation networking initiatives will conclude the talk.

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> Multimedia Communications: What, Where and How?