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WebAppBooster: Give Web Apps access to an Android Smartphone

Speaker  Arno Puder

Affiliation  San Francisco State University

Host  Nikolai Tillmann

Duration  00:50:28

Date recorded  11 March 2013

HTML5 is quickly gaining traction for developing mobile apps. New W3C standards such as WebRTC, WebNFC, WebSockets or WebWorkers elevate HTML5 to a first class citizen for mobile development. However, a regular web app running inside a browser is sandboxed and has only limited access to a smartphone's data or sensors. E.g., it is not possible to access a users contact database or sensors. WebAppBooster is a free Android app that acts as a gateway for web apps to do just that. Particular care must be taken with regards to security. WebAppBooster is used by TouchDevelop and was developed as part of a MSR funded research project. The presentation will discuss motivation and challenges in designing and implementing WebAppBooster. http://webappbooster.

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> WebAppBooster: Give Web Apps access to an Android Smartphone