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Connecting Citizens and their Government

Speaker  Jorge Soto

Affiliation  CitiVox

Host  Andres Monroy-Hernandez, Lili Cheng

Duration  00:57:15

Date recorded  1 February 2013

Society shapes technology but, equally, its use is determined by the conditions in which a society lives. In Mexico, Twitter is a tool for alerting citizens of daily drug-violence related risks. The internet has a democratization effect and is opening up spaces for participation, transparency and accountability. The use of technology is key to creating stronger links within communities and to enhancing the delivery of crucial government services. CitiVox has helped track and monitor elections in Mexico, Venezuela, Yemen, Benin and Ukraine. It helps NGOs and civic organizations track and document violence against journalists in Mexico and Central America, violence against children, community building and citizen reports in the north of Mexico and Bogota, congress transparency and accountability in Mexico, Peru and Argentina, among other civic innovation projects.

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> Connecting Citizens and their Government