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The Digital Workplace: How Technology is Liberating Work

Speaker  Paul Miller and Ephraim Freed

Affiliation  The Digital Workplace Group, Internet Benchmarking Forum

Host  Kevin Kutz

Duration  01:17:34

Date recorded  3 October 2012

The new geography of work will be transformational: Digital Workplaces where we spend more and more time, allow us to work in entirely new ways with richer, more immersive tools. This new digital working world is always there, always on. Whether we are in our traditional or newly repurposed offices, or wherever else we happen to be working; at home, in the garden, in a touchdown space, a café, on a train, in the park, in a car… Every aspect of work is being liberated but this comes with challenges around work addiction and employee isolation. Ultimately we can rethink how and where we work today. Technological advances driving the digital age are already visibly changing the workplace and we’ll discuss where those new capabilities might lead us.

Ephraim Freed will be interviewing Paul. Ephraim is the Community Manager at the Intranet Benchmarking Forum (part of the Digital Workplace Group).

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