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Performing Time, Space and Light

Speaker  Alvaro Cassinelli

Affiliation  University of Tokyo

Host  Andy Wilson

Duration  01:08:34

Date recorded  20 November 2012

"In this talk I will present some of my works as a media artist and researcher and show how, depending on the academic/social context, these can flip as a Necker cube between the realms of Media Art and HCI research. I will talk in particular of some attempts at embodying elusive realities such as Time, Space and Light, so they can they can be actors and perform with humans in public spaces. This include for example deformable walls that remember the past, robots made of light, video "plumbing" that transverse continents, laser auras that extend emotions (capriciously), the use of the body as an interface as well as a surface for projection, the introduction of minimalistic, iconic displays as an alternative to the pixilated screen, as well as several experiments on mediating the Self with technology (including devices to help people with disabilities), and new paradigms for a sustainable ubiquitous computing world - among other miscellaneous but related topics."

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